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tv   KRON 4 Morning News  KRON  March 31, 2011 7:00am-11:00am PDT

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report from mountain view coming up. >> darya: nato take over operations in libya. >> mark: the giants begin their quest to defend in los angeles. kron 4 news at 7:00 a.m. starts now. >> mark: we hope you have a good morning and thank you for joining us thursday march 31st. >> darya: the record temperatures we are looking for warm morning and a hot afternoon. >> louisa: you can see the sun starting to rise, it almost looks like it will be a hot day outside today. we will see another day with more the record expected. we get up to the '80s again. to date to be the warmest day all week. we have changes by the weekend so you may want to take advantage of this weather.
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into the afternoon are highs will be in the '80s. widespread babies in downtown san francisco once again todayeighties in sann oakland 82, 86 san napa, san jose, 85 in san rosa. your temperatures topping out into the 50s and 60s. 60 in antioch, 61 in mountain view. future cast 4 as we head through the next hour we continue to see temperatures in the '50s and '60s. by noon bringing '70s and the amex, your afternoon highs in the '80s. a few '70s by 7:00 p.m. we will stay warm pretty evening. 7 day around bay shows
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tomorrow we will have a slight cool them. by saturday it looks like a slight chance of rain, wind is picking up into the afternoon and evening hours. after that we will warm up and dry again. >> george: we are looking at a great commute, we have no hot spots. we continue to monitor dead. no back up to speak goof free westbound bay bridge ride. san mateo bridge looks great in both directions to commute side headed towards foster city no problems, the counter flow direction the usual light traffic headed back toward a word and the nimitz freeway.
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snow delays showing up on sensors for the right through a word on 880 north. updating you on the situation at park presidio drive, closed between light and comment. it is being diverted by the police department outside the macarthur tunnel at lake street. the back up is to the tunnel. according to viewers who just updated gas is a five minute delayedus it i no word on when the crew will clear the down pull.oll. slowing towards alamo not a hot spot, it is a typical slowdown appeared lighter than usual but we expect it will back up closer to south main. >> mark: still dealing with
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problems landslides' three homes amount you have to be moved because of a landslide. >> craig: you are looking at the homes right here, the red tag off to left as well as take. these are uninhabited the residents had to be removed. on the other side of this is steven craig, you can see where the erosion in the danger of the flooding and headwaters has caused this problem. unfortunately now they have to remove these homes from this area. it is not safe to be here any longer, people in theithe le there are in danger if they stayed. you can see this double wide has split in half, it is because they are getting ready to move the structure today. this is owned by the mobile home
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park. they will move it to another lot and allow people to move back in. the other two on either side unfortunately are not able to be moved immediately. it will be moved after a while, they are owned by a resident. once they remove these houses they will try to ferret out assure the slope. the situation that they have to deal with as it happens. in the meantime it remains closed off until the rectify the situation. >> darya: city council is holding a meeting today to talk about a declaration of local state of emergency because of a landslide. the future since homes--six homes--it has been almost a week since the landslide destroyed backyard of these homes. one family says it might be to late. >> or two houses there and a
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world away. if all of that was disclosed to me why we bought this house, we would have walked away. >> according to the engineers it can be saved it can be done now. and no one has the funds to do it. >> darya: san paulo says it is estimated at $5 million which is beyond the city's capabilities. they're reaching out for state and federal assistance. a special fund has been set up to help the victims if you're interested to donate a law gone to kron 4 we have that information. coming up the cleanup of the massive slide held slide in some pop low. san pablo. >> mark: we will be back opening
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date for san francisco giants, but they are in a late. we will tell you you to watch the game at the ballpark tonight and raise money for good cause. we will be right back.
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>> darya: 1/2 7 day around the bay forecast, the heat is a big story today. we're going to be like yesterday, a few degrees warmer. breaking records probably, cooling down a little bit still i '70s. saturday, sunday the cool down happens upper to mid '60s spiri but. tot them we climb back into the '70s. >> mark: a teller was found wandering in pleasanton wal-mart
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parking lot. >> darya: tell us what happened? >> caller: at 3:00 a.m. officers responded to a wal-mart as malt tired wondering in the parking lot. after searching area we were unable to locate parents the child's mother called dust and route 6:00 a.m. she lives in the apartment complex and had recently moved in. her apartmen. the handle pulls opene child was able to get out. >> mark: so is a simple thing as the child waking up in the middle of the night in sneaking out. >> caller: she said the mother
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said that he usually is up about 3:00 a.m.. he is still a police custody right now so we are in the process of reuniting them now. he is 2 years old. >> darya: to think this is unusual? we have heard that happened before where a child open the door and wandered off. >> caller: it does happen. not very often but it can happen. the mother recently moved into the complex making arrangements for the locks to get changed. >> darya: did he have to get through busy streets or anything? >> caller: he would of probably traversed one roadway. >> darya: luckily it's not cold out there. we see a picture of him in his pajamas. >> caller: he was barefoot in a
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t-shirt and diaper. so we are happy that it was not called out. >> mark: did the mother wind up calling police? >> caller: yes the mother did call when she woke up. >> darya: that is scary. 7:13 a.m. back with more a couple of minutes. [ coach ] in albuquerque, citi pre-approved my mortgage.
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at home. it's really easy and i can pass the savings onto you. okay, ready for the food part? check it out. my warm and flaky croissant sandwiches. supreme or sausage. both made with fresh egg and melting cheese. you get 2 for just 3 bucks okay, i'm back, whoa- oh, i am so ready for this recession to be over. >> mark: we want a get a look at the whether another if he. >> louisa: temperatures will climb, we could actually warm up a few degrees in some spots. you can see that sun starting to take hold. oakland 55, by noontime warming up to the '70s, the high into the low 80s.
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as we head into the afternoon we see widespread '80s, we could actually set records once again. san francisco coming and 83, that is a degree warmer than yesterday, we could set a record breaking the old record of 82. oakland to 82, san jose 86, 85 and san rosa, napa could actually tied a record coming in at 86. current temperature of to warm start. we are off to a good start in place like in the half and livermore. your afternoon highs mid '80s. summerlike temperatures once again 85 san rosa, we will meet our jackets today, you'll probably want to wear tank tops, or stay cool.
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824 oakland, along the coast beach weather. today will be the last record-breaking heat date. friday brings as cooler temperatures, saturday we have big changes, a slight chance of rain, could be windy into the afternoon and evening hours on your saturday. we could see the surf pickup as well. >> george: i agree ride around the bay area, they're right on 580, 1 01 san jose, 2 80, all look good. the bay bridge toll plaza of the westbound ride only a minor back up, the best day at the bay bridge so far this week. san mateo bridge right also pretty good, the volume has tilted the westbound direction. but still no problems or delay
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spiris. sluggish for the central freeway and the skyway meek.t. headed into the city it looks good, 101 southbound delays coming from doyle drive. park presidio has been closed at lake because of that downed power poles. there is a back up to macarthur tunnel. the back up has not grown and it does not reach the wheel drive. it might cost you five minutes for york commute. >> darya: great day for the opening day of baseball to watch the giants plan home. on the big screen at at&t park. it is for charity. let's talk to jackie he
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is in san francisco. >> reporter: it would be a great day to have opening day here at at&t park. it seems like it was a couple of weeks ago we were celebrating the world championship but it was four months ago. today's opening day. there will be festivities here at the at&t park. folks can come and watch the game on big screen tv story on the jumbo kron. i'm sure everybody will be glued to their television tonight to watch this san francisco giants take on the l.a. dodgers. it is an absolute pristine day. no reason why opening day should not be here. they are the world champions. >> darya: i like that. it's o.k.
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you can be a fan. the charity deal. $45 to watch on the jumbo tri as a lot. >> reporter: the tickets range 45 $200. proceeds going to the guardsmen campership and scholarship programs, which support at risk students in grades k-12. some of the tickets have open bar was food, a 2 door, everybody was taken in by this team last year and they all wanted to be together this is a great way to come down and support a nonprofit organization and be with fellow giants fans. >> darya: we lobbied to try and have opening day here, but they said notes post pla. >> reporter: lookit this whether i think everybody in san francisco is against that.
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>> mark: the latest out of libya new details the united states no longer leading the fight against khaddafi nato has taken over operations. they say was the smoothest transition. they are enforcing the no-fly zone, and the arms embargo for libya. the white house is debating on whether or not to arm the rebels that are battling gaddafi's troops. you are seeing some video. u.s. officials acknowledge there are operatives on the ground, those operatives helped rescue the fire pilopilon announced yesterday moussa clues of our ride at their
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>> mark: pleasanton soldier has been killed. a pleasanton soldier has been killed while serving in afghanistan. army spc. jameson lynn lindskog, 23, was on his way to a military airport tuesday when an apparent roadside bomb exploded. he is the third soldier to die in combat in the past month. 7:23 a.m. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes. you can see a breeze, but all that sunshine, a gorgeous day today.
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>> darya: light traffic and beautiful weather. in san francisco is 61 degrees, 83 for high, we could see another
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record today mid-60's at 8:00 p.m. if your people have claimed unemployment last week a sign of layoffs cropping and companies stepping up their hiring. the number of people seeking benefits that to 388,000. applications were below were consistent with the sustained increase in hiring. >> mark: colleges have to enroll thousands less students because of the funding shortfalls beard chancellor saying it is tragic for students hoping to continue education and transfer to universities. 3 million students go to state community colleges. >> darya: we will be back with more news in a couple of minutes. the approach to the bay bridge, sunshine and some cards
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>> mark: galore record temperatures expected. >> louisa: yesterday if we set records, today we could set records as well. lots of sunshine out there and we continue to heat up as we head through the day. right now 60 degrees, by noontime into the '70s, we could get up to 82 for high. we will start you off with your current temperatures,, warm side in the '50s and '60s, 60 livermore and antioch, as the ticket through morning continuous '50s and '60s during the morning hours. by noon time we could see the widespread '70s warming up even more than that. he's indicated by the war and
7:31 am
showing you widespread '80s as we head toward the afternoon. as we cool off towards evening is '70s. your highs expected to be in the mid '80s 85 in san rosa, 86 enough of, at 84 livermore. half moon bay and along the coast getting into the '70s today. certainly a day to have to the beach. we will cool down as we head into tomorrow. by saturday it will be released per for a all day. windy into the afternoon and evening. talking about this surf picking up along the coast line. things cool off by your sunday and more of next week. >> george: no hot spots yet this
7:32 am
morning, currently there are none. 580 ride, 80 ride highway for. south bay, even when no one looked good. phil look at the bay bridge the best day this week with hardly any back up. the beginning of the east parking lot about 12 car back up at the bay bridge westbound. san mateo bridge still looks good heavier both directions but no delays or backbackups. lets taku to interstate 80, westbound exceptionally light traffic here on the lorry shore freeway. it's especially through the s curves.
7:33 am
--lower east shore. ---it was a hot spot at the end of the commute yesterday's but today it is moving well. coming from the golden gate bridge you will see slow traffic from the macarthur tunnel, a short detour rounded down power pole that is southbound. it is around lake and california street. the police department has set up a detour, give yourself five minutes extra. >> darya: in malamutes three mobile homes have been evacuate it because of a landslide. this is from last week's storm, these homes are threatened. one of the homes will be moved today. the
7:34 am
other two will have to wait for further analysis. you can see it as a big mess. residents are in motels or with friends. >> mark: mass of mud slide in san jose, they hope that warmly and may be opened. will tran has the latest. >> will: the signs will be up for days, they hope to move them to the side starting today as perhaps, they will be able to move the mountain of mud and trees to partially open up the road which is used by dozens of people who live behind the mud slide. the work should have been done by now, but every time they cleared debris more fell. that's why it is a hope and not a guarantee they will be able to open up one lane today. with the sun now, perhaps the mud will try making it easier to move. to
7:35 am
get it done heavy equipment needs to be used. the way from the heavy equipment is damaging pavement. authorities say they're not stranded they have been escorted in and out by the fire department. >> mark: problems in san jose for residents on a lane. fear that the slide that took up part of the roadway might take out part of the road. it has fallen 3 ft., to honor foot section of the roadway is falling off. huge cracks the curbs and sidewalks are buckling. pg&e has repaired a gas leak, installing an emergency shut off. since the road is private they will have to pay for the repairs themselves. >> reporter: the mega million
7:36 am
winners have come forward. lottery will give the winners of a check for $319 million. after taxes they will take home $202 million. each get a cut of $20 million. these winners are rumored to be seven i t specialist from new york state's. the rumor going around is that there was an aide to coworker who did not go in on the ticket because he was not feeling lucky. what you are looking at now are the winners of the mega of millions lottery. i guess they are talking about how they will spend the millions. >> darya: buries the dough was hospitalized last night after a traffic accident. police say was
7:37 am
in his fault, he was in a car accident he was not seriously injured. he was taken to the hospital, this happen your home that he owns in the hollywood hills. he is still set to pitch against the dodgers sunday. >> mark: the giants' home opener next week, opening day is today. first pitch scheduled at 5:00 p.m., they are opening with their rookie first baseman. they announced yesterday he made the roster, and he would be starting at first base pushing half over to right field. >> i started crying. i try not to be to the west, it's hard when you've drunk about this your life. i couldn't be happier right now. that's gonna do the same thing i did cry and be
7:38 am
happy for me. >> mark: he is ranked among the leaders and batting. you could watch it on the drummer of the jumbo kron 580 to park. >> darya: we will be back with more a couple of minutes, a live look at the san mateo bridge lots of sunshine traffic moving at 11. ♪ [ woman ] this icelandic mud was working wonders on my skin.
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>> darya: alive look to the approach to the bay bridge and looks friday light. lots of sunshine and in easy ride. in oakland 55, looking for high of 82. looking to set records. microsoft is turning up the heat by filing a complaint with competition regulators of the filing adds to an existing pro on whether it discriminates
7:42 am
against competitors. they are investigating so the search results following complaints feared >> mark: we will be right back. all live look on bass avenue, a beautiful looking day.
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>> darya: news here is a live look north star if you're headed to tahoe this weekend it's the last week of skiing for a lot of kids. in my piece a warm even and tahoe's there precipitation could be rain. >> louisa: not a big washout with your saturday storm, however we could see wet weather. today dealing with the he once again. we have to brave through all of that sun shine again today. we could break
7:46 am
record in oakland 82, now at 86, same through san jose, 85 in san rosa today. across the board seemed record-breaking heat. we will stay in the '50s and '60s this hour, by noon time bringing '70s. continuing to climb from there. all the orange sshows '80s. cooling down into the '60s and '70s by 7:00 p.m. let's show your afternoon highs today, plenty of '80s, mid-80s in many locations 85 san rosa, 86 napa, 84, court, richmond, check out the coast line half moon bay 73 along the coast. in san jose changes happen by the
7:47 am
weekend. cool down by tomorrow but then it will be a cool day. saturday slight chance of showers but it will be very windy. those really cool temperatures compared to date you will certainly noticed a drop-off of temperatures drying up by the end of the weekend. we also have a look at the report. based dap 300 in., 5 lifts open, 35 runs, kirkwood 11 looks open, 72 runs. squaw valley 20 lifts open 165 runs. >> george: a hot spot highway
7:48 am
one southbound through san francisco since see early morning hours at 5:20 a.m. we started talking about the closure of parks presidio drive . the police department has been directing traffic off of that from lake street to 15th. now the backup has crept onto the oil drive affecting the right off of the golden gate bridge on one and one no one headed toward san francisco. hopes that this was cleared quickly sadly not the case. the crews that have been dealing with this downhole are in the middle of a shift change, the crew assigned is leaving and they're waiting for another crew to come out. it is a city like, and city has its own electrical system. back up here leading to high one.
7:49 am
otherwise the golden gate bridge ride is fine. tracking the other bridges the bay bridge, and no backup westbound appeared easy commuting has been all morning. best commute all week. westbound 92 ride shows that is pretty good no problems in either direction. it's especially light on the eastbound side. south bay 101, not a hot spot but a slow spot. a triple gold traffic you're headed toward setting clara.san >> mark: new allegation of misconduct against police officers, a judge in san francisco threw out another case this after surveillance video showed officers mishandling as surgeon arrest of a man. they claim he committed a felony sale of marijuana. the
7:50 am
show playing close police. allegedly they didn't show their badges. please reports as they had stars exposed on there or the outer clothing, officers had permission to search. public defender says that is not true. >> the police report says they went inside the unit for 30 seconds, then returned to the hallway and said okay, can you come in now. that is clearly not true. the officers and the sergeant were not aware of this videotape until they were confronted in court. when they were confronted with it in court, their demeanor, and testimony clearly changed. >> mark: this is the response. in this latest incidents we disagree with the court finding we have ordered a transcript. it
7:51 am
is our assertion that the relevant evidence shows and interaction that cooperates the testimony provided. with other video tapes surfaced think that they have dismissed cases. >> mark: after the san francisco police officer decided mishandled hurt domestic violence complaint. the trial judge misled jurors against atari ramirez. he is serving 16 years to life for second-degree murder. he is entitled to a new trial low here means behind bars. >> mark: new transportation plan during americans, will be released today. part of the new draft a new street carleen, from
7:52 am
fishworm mince words. street closures along waterfront and muni bus routes. 2.6 million spectators will watch part of the race. >> darya: what a bad day for opening day for baseball. the giants defending the world series title, the thing is that happened in l.a.. still alive here at at&t park where we are state out. it will be a beautiful day to get together and watch on the bank jumbo kron. they have an event there for charity. [ male announcer ] hey michelle, whatcha doin'?
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>> mark: will come back, i don't think anybody is going to work. light traffic at the bay bridge. temperatures have been warm. records yesterday 85 in san rosa, san rafael 82, san
7:56 am
francisco, oakland all records yesterday. it will be the warmer today. >> darya: large portions of central florida are under tornado warnings and watches. rain and wind has downed power lines. there has been delays at the airport. roofs have been flying off of mobile homes. this is video from yesterday. tractor-trailer was flipped over as it was driving on 95. truck driver had minor injuries. >> mark: president barack obama coming to the bay area again, he will be here april 20th at four jobs in the economy event as well as fund-raising. president barack obama will be here for his reelection campaign, he is expected to visit silicon valley he is expected to announce his candidacy for reelection officially april 14th. >> darya: doe says he would be
7:57 am
back, arnold schwarzenegger returning to our hollywood. former gov. is teaming up with this super hero creator to develop the governor later. it is a comic book and tv series. a crime-fighting hero includes elements from his real life and his real family life to. it comes out next year but we don't know when the release date of the tv show is. >> mark: hopefully he will attack alert budget crisis. >> darya: it would be a never- ending show. >> mark: all live look from san francisco, the latest on your weather into minutes.
7:58 am
7:59 am
before >> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. we're starting at this hour
8:00 am
taking a look at that time pictures. >> louisa: check out this shot, blue skies across san francisco, sunshine is bringing us temperatures up into the '80s. not just inland but in downtown san francisco. it could even warmer but to agree or so higher than yesterday. tomorrow, cosaturday a chance o. at different picture each day. -- a different picture each day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. 50s san francisco, 59 and your are, 60 livermore. noon, warming into the '70s. we will not stop there we would just keep on climbing. all of this orange
8:01 am
indicating '80s. most locations warming up into the 80s today. were not just talking about ladies mid- upper 80s. future cast, still holding on to the '70s and portions of the east bay, south bay cooling down into the sixties also. after noon highs, 85 degrees today in santa rosa, 84 novato and richmond. 84 concord, south bay warming up to 86 degrees. firman view, san jose. 85 degrees hayward. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. today could be the warmest day, that we'll see all week cooling down slightly tomorrow still dry saturday's slight chance of rain. not talking about a washout, in fact the wind could be a bigger story than the rain. picking up quite a bit into the afternoon,
8:02 am
overnight we could see that surf left. waves up to about 20 ft.. then you'll notice the sun coming out temperatures rebound by next week. >> george: hotspot in san francisco and expecting the golden gate bridge, there is a down pulp pole southbound, affecting traffic in both directions. it is closed between lake in california the southbound backup reaches through the maze. almost to the toll plaza of the golden gate bridge give yourself an extra five-10 minutes. or, you could get off and he knows the route had this direction down towards 25th, saving yourself some time by avoiding park presidio altogether. a new hot spot for your ride on interstate 80 we just got word of a stall westbound, just past gilman. blocking the second
8:03 am
lane from the left. it would've otherwise been a pretty good commute. bridge check, the bay bridge, that is been a pretty easy read all morning long. hardly any back up just a few cars deep in the center lanes san mateo bridge, problem free so is 92. a strain has been a half an hour behind all morning long. all three trains in bound to lead because the signal problems. >> mark: still dealing with landside problems around the bay. in 93 homes have to be moved because a landslide. kron4 is live. >> reporter: the dreaded red tag this is one of three mobile homes that have been evacuated, here's another one, these are no longer a habitable until they figure out what to do with them. here's some pictures, i just
8:04 am
exactly what the challenges. this is a steep slope on the other side of stevens creek, you can see just how formidable the situation is. the three mobile homes are right on the press office. they will have to be removed, this area will have to be shored up. let me show you what they're trying to do, this middle one is owned by of billy to mobile home park. that is a double life, they will remove it today and remove it to another lot. these other ones are owned by the residents. in the meantime no one who was living in these are able to inhabit them. that is the challenge, moving these out of the way, shore up the slope. the fickle fate of mother nature causing difficult and unhappy people. >> darya: san paulo city council is holding a meeting today and hand to talk about
8:05 am
declaring a state of emergency because of a landslide. the future of six homes still up in the air. it has been weeks since the landslide destroyed the backyards of almost all the houses. the backyard or just gone. homeowners met with city officials one family whose home the most of the damage same might be too late for them. >> their to us is there, to hear, then another, and another. if all of that was disclosed to me when we bought this house we would have walked away. >> a could be saved if it's done now. it has to be done now. but, no one has the funds to do it. >> darya: officials say the repairs are estimated there about $5 million, the city does not have those funds stood reaching a two governments for assistance. there is a special fund set up a mechanics bank if you'd
8:06 am
like >> justine: . wisconsin, a judge has ruled that the collective bargaining law is not in effect saying it was not properly published. sanctions could now be handed down to the governor scott walker if he continues to began deducting money from paychecks. he signed this lot earlier this month after large pro union protests in and around the capital. >> mark: the labor department is coming out with the weekly numbers, fewer americans filed last week as a sign that layoffs are dropping. the labor department says the number of americans seeking unemployment dropped by 6000. the dutch cents is up 18 points. california community college could be
8:07 am
forced to run for 400,000 fewer students cutting thousands of class's because of the budget impasse. spending cuts are tragic for students hoping to continue their education and transfer to universities. nearly 3 million students tend. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. nice, warm thursday morning lots of sunshine as you can see here. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
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>> darya: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live look at tahoe, i norstar. lots of sun the routes are try easy ride, drying up on the right-hand side you can see some ground. rain on saturday, you might get a little rain and tahoe. the sierra park is at 165% of average. it determines the state's water supply this level we haven't seen since
8:11 am
1995. it puts the winter near the top of the record less. >> mark: barry bonds trial prosecutors are down to their last three witnesses they will likely be called today. orthopedic surgeon is the first, then the anti doping expert, and then donned his former personal shopper. yesterday former ball carriers testified that he met the trainer in 2001, he also said he bought human growth hormones from anderson. >> darya: opening day, a giant fans are excited great weather, they got the jumbo trunk. we don't have the game. but we do still have the party there. not for jackie sissel is hanging out at some are just taking in the scenery. >> reporter: i believe the proper term is a world champion giants. let's get right. this is at the corner
8:12 am
of third inking. it is opening day for the giants, unfortunately there about 500 mi. away. i'm fortunate they will be down in los angeles. but, there is still some solace, for those of you who want to come, there's a little party going on. it's a non-profit they will help the john birch run up, food, drinks all of that. it does cost a getting, if you're so inclined anyone to hang out with other people dressed in orange and black. this is the place to go. today would've been a perfect day to have opening day. >> darya: we can have everything. we have the world championships so it doesn't matter. the party is not free, but it is for charity. >> reporter: yes. it goes to a good cause. if you get
8:13 am
nothing to do you want to hang out with jensen's this is the place to be. >> darya: i will talk to gary about opening day. we will tucker but then everything else baseball and a few minutes. >> mark: we will after this break. [ ryan ] i got this new citi thankyou card
8:14 am
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8:16 am
♪ >> darya: cell, it is time, opening day. air you excited? >> gary: i look forward to this is like a six month companion baseball. >> darya: you get lonely? >> gary: not so much that, you know it's there all the time, going to and from. it's run the ball game. hear, night, it the kids go to bed, you throw on the ball game. some people get excited because the giants won last year. i watch and
8:17 am
listen to almost every game whether they win, lose, a job. >> darya: that some sat, but it is ok. it spent me explain to me brandon belt? they move operate over, they put a man first. what happens when cody ross is better? >> gary: aubrey is making 22 million over two years, he is going to play. but pat burleson is in left field. he may be expendable he'd be there for a scary to look at if he comes out hot. >> darya: it is kind of lucky coming gives them an opportunity to see how to move people around. >> gary: you wouldn't have a rocky start unless you are pretty sure he was growing to do a good job. >> darya: they're saying
8:18 am
he's the new data to look at. >> gary: diskette really looks good. you look at some, there the man, they're good, it's kind of like some of our reporters j. r. stone. he's fresh, he's hot, he's solid. you immediately go how are you j.r.?. my money is not feeling well. i'm good i'm 6 ft. five, he's a big giant of a man. >> darya: yes. main >> gary: i think his name is dennis. >> darya: what about barry's the dowy? his career is total. s is ok. >> gary: people of
8:19 am
registered at the joke, but the point is, i have no idea other than the report i saw that he will be able to start on sunday. and timmy starts tonight. stop calling him to me. >> darya: know. >> gary: before use it the nickname you have to see a game. (laughter) >> darya: wandering pass them doesn't count. (laughter) >> gary: that is a good one. >> darya: and there's a thing about sports, i love talking and, i love your lane go, there's nothing behind it. >> gary: i will say that.
8:20 am
for kids there's something behind it teaches you values. when you get to the major-league level and they start making all this money the bottom line is it's entertainment. >> darya: absolutely. >> gary: >> darya: nba, tell me jasey is a part an owner does not know you cannot go hang with the guys in the locker room? >> gary: what happened? >> darya: he's at the kentucky locker room. , he goes to the game, he can't be in the locker room, not chemical, hip but then an owner of the nets. it's a
8:21 am
clear violation. >> gary: j a-z is a little bit different than the guy who owns the petroleum. >> darya: celtics, the names was with the mom, and that was a violation, he got a fine. >> gary: slap him on the hand. he came in, he said hello. if you is handing out hundred dollar bills ok. sitting in someone's mom that's different. that was in college. >> darya: he was a draft pick. >> gary: if all he did was say hello and pose for pictures it's ok. as far as i'm concerned. >> darya: is it ok to be
8:22 am
annoyed, there was a crying baby did you hear about this? it's a crying baby playing in the open, he's not doing very well. this is windy day, he locked the ball into the stands in to the direction. its stock to the baby from crying. >> gary: he just tapped it. in that area. >> darya: afterwards he said it wasn't a baby. first, and that baby shouldn't be crying. second, is that ok to shoot a warning shot? >> gary: if you have been discussed and i guess. i don't know. (laughter) i'm going easy on everyone today. if he had hit a real hard but it was just a tad like i am trying to play. >> darya: alright. >> gary: this is a world
8:23 am
where you can have your picture taken with celebrities you can't referred team and not seen a game in 20 years. the special is april 10th. >> darya: work and show the special after the season starts. >> gary: i appreciate all the promotion. but i'm worried about it so far of care by pastor way which you posted for me? >> darya: i'm just going to rewind it. >> gary: you tetrazzini demon 20 years you're not going to watch a preseason opener. kron is doing a great job promotion i have no complaints except certain no timmy. >> darya: bay area bargains [ jerry ] look at this!
8:24 am
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you are going to hell. [ male announcer ] but yiayia approves of them eating athenos greek yogurt. mmmmmm! because athenos is made the greek way, never using preservatives or artificial flavors. athenos. maybe the only thing approved by yiayia. >> mark: new details coming at of libya the u.s. is no longer leading the fight against gaddafi. nato has
8:27 am
taken over all operations. nato has also enforced the arms embargo. giantess protect civilians. the white house is still debating on whether not to arm the rebels. you are taking elected video reagan-era de cades where there has been brutal fighting. they have acknowledged that cia operatives are on the ground in libya they help to rescue the u.s. fighter plane whose jet crashed on march 21st. president former secretary sang their register of the former leader could be the tipping point for the regina. he arrived in the country he was resigning from his post. he is blamed for some of the brutality accredited for some of the diplomatic success as he has knowledge of the inner workings. in the last hour we've learned that prosecutors in scotland want to interview him about 1988
8:28 am
bombing that killed 270 people. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. i live look outside of the san mateo bridge lots of sunshine
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live look here for mount tam, you see the women's long strong north eastern winds blowing bringing all that warm air into the bay. beautiful day. expected again today as low highs today we're expecting them again into the afternoon. these yesterday, expecting them again today. i expect to cool down to now still '70s upper '70's. the big cool down comes for the weekend a chance of a shower to. highs in the '60s unfortunately were talking
8:31 am
rain likely in the sierra. that's not great news for all that fresh powder. just to show you were expecting for today and to agree to warmer yesterday a high and san francisco 83, we could break your record today. oakland '80s, of mid-80s for napa, san jose. these will all tire or break records as the afternoon highs hit us. rainouts area mild stir. 60 are ready and antioch 57 livermore. 58 in oakland, 57 san jose. 10:00, 70 showing up in yellow. sixties around the bay. as the hidden in time widespread '70s. highs of the day showing up kron4 clock, '80s building inland.
8:32 am
even upper 50s-60 degrees near some of the beaches. offshore winds are not as strong. if the wednesday, and san francisco we'll hit the '80s. any breeze and we will probably be a around 79, 80 today. the inland spot steadily climbing into the 80s today. 7:00 a pretty nice evening as were still in the '60s-70 degree readings. forecast, 80 san francisco-san rafael. 86 and now back, 84 concord, richmond. 85 and hayward. to get in the '70s and half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. temperatures cooling-off tomorrow, a really nice day even more comfortable with '70s. cooling down with
8:33 am
highs in the '60s. slight chance of showers and the north bay. nice weather as we were back up into the '70s. let's get the latest on what looks to be light traffic i think everyone is, calling in sick to work off. >> will: >> george: >> george: 1 hotspot the golden gate bridge, it's a problem on city streets and san francisco that created this, for three hours we have been talking about this damaged power pole here. the san francisco police department has set up eight police -- has set a detour. we talk through the morning if they did not manage to get this problem fixed, cleared soon that we would end up with a huge hot spot, that is exactly what we
8:34 am
have, traffic is backed on to the golden gate bridge. they say it is slow from the cells in anchorage, amid span leading cells. is that back up continues to grow it could reach into marin county. the problem is, no one has really dealt with this leading call, it was stuck at 5:00, as tilting the river traffic, it's a hazard. pacific gas and electric company cruz, some question about whose responsibility it is. the net effect is hundreds, of thousands of people will be inconvenienced by this traffic jam. bridge check, a bridge, westbound, light traffic, lots of people not making it a bridge this morning. san mateo is a good ride, a quick look at your walnut creek right. interstate 680, not a hot spot but a slow spot. >> darya: wouldn't you love
8:35 am
to dispatcher own crew go, jackie get help. we ever come here mountain view, three mobile homes in mountain view now evacuated because of the landslide. kron4 is live with the details. what's happening. >> reporter: they will try and solve the problem by moving the said it here. you can see the dreaded red tag assigned, it applies to all three of these homes. there on the edge of stevens creek i was sure use some pictures. i took these have an hour ago. you can see is very steep slopes undercut from all the flooding and the rain that we've had. unfortunately that means these buildings had to be evacuated the folks here at the village mobile home park will be moving all three of these out. the only one
8:36 am
that's going to remove in the street when is this one right here. it is owned by the mobile home park. they will move it several blocks down. will little further away these people can then move back in. unfortunately these other ones might have to wait a little longer before they are removed. use of why, those lives are very steep. they will also have to figure out how this secure that slope otherwise it will undercut and threaten this mobile home park. they thought about putting a wall in something like that. anything. rain now they have to move these structures of the way. >> darya: this is because of last week's storm. a private lane there are is closed, it will be long before the slide that to get off the road might to get the other half. you can see the road as it fell away. this
8:37 am
section just fell. it is a full 3 ft. that it has slid down 200 ft. each section. huge cracks appearing. will curbs and sidewalks are buckling as the ground is falling away. there is concern about the other side piccinni has repaired a gas leak and are installing a shut off valve. paula cole's of sorts at risk. owners are waiting for the weather to get better. now was a good time because we are trying out for them to be able to do that. this is a private road, the people know that it is likely they have to pay for the repairs. >> mark: new allegations of misconduct against police officers and a judge threw the case after surveillance video showed officers mishandling alleged late this search of a man. the video shows three officers dressed in plain clothes searching the building
8:38 am
without their badges showing. the police report said they had stars exposed. the officers had permission to search the apartment. the public defender says that is not true. >> it says he went inside his unit for 30 seconds. return to the hallway. set out kate, can you come in now. that is clearly not true. the officers were not aware until they're confronted with that in court. when they were confronted with that, their demeanor, testimony clearly changed. >> james: >> mark: >> mark: the d.a. says " in this latest incident we disagree with the court's finding we have ordered the transcript to review our options the relevant evidence shows the
8:39 am
interaction call rates of the testimony provided going on to say in previous instances the d.a. has dismissed cases but this does. city has to dismiss 76 cases, ongoing investigation. >> darya: we will be back with more couple of minutes, the heat, the weather is the big story today. a little breezy, this is the waldegrave actually, the camera is bumping around a little bit. we'll be right ba. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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8:42 am
>> darya: a loveland canada at our here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. it is going to be another hot one today maybe a few degrees warmer in your neighborhood i'm sure you are hot i know i was. we to cool down little bit but still some sunshine. in time
8:43 am
for the weekend we lose 20 degrees. because it is breezy, we do have some clout it is cool at the coast we began the climb all over again in disenchant and low-mid-70s. >> mark: the latest set of japan, the death toll topping 11,000 more than 16,000 are still missing. they're looking into report from the nation's about high levels of radiation. experts say despite does not pose an immediate danger to human health. the un is edging possible increase in the evacuation zone levels of radiation have turned up in some california milk samples. officials monitoring the say that
8:44 am
traces of iodine were found this week, the officials stressed syllables are still 5000 times below levels of concern. apparently all the rain recently quashed any levels of radiation at of the atmosphere into the grass which was then eaten by the cows. we've also seen as small levels turnup in other milk samples. >> darya: second half of the $4.6 billion seismic upgrade of the water system. it will replace a 19 mi. of pipeline from crystal spring to sell to san francisco the improvements are designed to ensure no major interruption in water service to 1 million people in san mateo and san francisco in the event of a major earthquake. >> james: >> mark: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. i live look good side rain now as we see a beautiful looking morning.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
8:49 am
8:50 am
its cities slowed down begins there. now, here is a look at the weather. >> louisa: that looks very likely george. in fact your temperatures today expected to skyrocket. we can get up to 83 degrees in san francisco today. if that happens will lecture break another record. oakland 82 degrees cover also said the record 86 for san jose. may actually tie record and napa. current temperatures, we are already up to the '60s to the the clock tower. 63 and half moon bay, temperatures also into the low 60s in places like antioch. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., upper 50s. as we head towards 10:00 '60s, '70s
8:51 am
into places like the north bay. watch as we head towards three-4:00 in the afternoon all of this orne choses '80s. most locations should work their way up into these today: the back down to even some '70s by the 7:00 hour. your numbers look like this coming 85 in santa rosa. novato come richmond. along the coast, topping average around 73 degrees. again about 85 fremont, 86 in san as a. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. tomorrow, kuleshov, saturday and huge cool them. -- the mod cooling it off. the wind is expected to pick up into the afternoon, a slight chance of rain for the north bay. san the dryout, warm up. ski
8:52 am
report, curt would 228-273 , 11, 72. squaw valley 250- 20-165. >> mark: thank you, that is a lot of snow. >> darya: they do have a lot of snow to work with this and this kid, too warm is not so we're on the edge, let's talk live with mike with the iroquois. hello. >> caller: hello what that for you guys? beautiful sunny day to day, great skiing day here at kirkland.
8:53 am
using gearings dionne. as we head towards the weekend we'll get little bit more snow. we have great coverage, great spring skiing. it is all about evidence. we have our famous ski runs. it's a great time to come out and enjoy great snow. >> mark: what is your closing dates and to have this note? >> caller: we pushed it back a weaker closing may 1st. after may, we only get the demand. the ethical thing we do (inaudible) >> mark: there were some skiing on the fourth of july. that's fun. >> darya: thank you, mike.
8:54 am
we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. this is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff.
8:55 am
8:56 am
looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. details at
8:57 am
>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. i have found some interesting information about the royal wedding prince william does not plan to wear a wedding ring after his marriage to kate middleton. this is the couple's personal choice, he does plan to wear a ring it will be made of welshed gold. if you haven't heard the wedding is april 29th. how would that sit with you? >> darya: if he doesn't wear a wedding ring he needs to wear it at 2 on the vendor. president obama is planning to visit the the area. here's some video, back in october. he's expected to be here on april 20th at four jobs and economy of rent.
8:58 am
officials say he will be here for his reelection campaign. he will also visit silicon valley, loss angeles, reno. he is expected to announce his reelection candidacy on april 14th in chicago. >> mark: i am glad to ladies agree on the wedding ring thing. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. a live lick here from san francisco, on this beautiful wam morning.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> darya: 9:00, top stories three families for seven other homes on the other bay area landslide this time in mind you. two year-old boy wandering the parking lot of though wal-mart, we will have the latest in the investigation. >> mark: the boys of summer are back. they will and defended the world series
9:01 am
title. >> darya: picture feels all lot like summer. there's a live shot from our roof, san francisco the city was gorgeous yesterday another hot one today. >> louisa: a lot of 83 across the board we're expecting to set some records today. you can see all the blue sky on our downtown camera. high clouds mixed in their we're expecting to be warmer than yesterday in some spots. we will change by the weekend. we will start chocolate your warm temperatures, most locations are going to reach the '80s. yesterday we set a record coming into the low 80s. oakland 82, etc. record there. napa 86. here is your
9:02 am
current temperatures, 60 seconds is there, 66, 62 antioch, upper 50s reruns to the livermore valley. high temperatures, most into the 80s. 81 for vallejo. east bay, low-mid '80s. 73, and is still on the beach. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. each day we start to drop off, shaving off a few degrees. a slight chance of rain, bigger story the rain is expected to pick up, and drying up by the end of the weekend. >> george: thank you, continue to track the hotspot any problem in san
9:03 am
francisco affecting the red in marin. part presidio drive, south bend a vehicle involved in an accident struck a light pole, it began leaning dangerously of resilience of 101 southbound. some of them here between california street and comment. close down the rhetoric, they closed down but directions, for last 3.5 hours no one has done anything to resolve the problem. california highway patrol, police department are controlling the traffic, no one has started to work on fixing the problem with this dangerously leaning part pole. the resulting back up reached through the tunnel, on to drug drive, on to the golden gate, across the golden gate and now extends to the waldegrave was some reports of slow traffic as far north as spencer ave. the delays, big hot spot
9:04 am
here this morning. that covers one of the bridges, the rest of the bridges, bridge check, the bridge, it has been a light, easy read. that is get news, san mateo bridge really problem free even though we did get a report of a drum outdone mid span. it did not really back up the traffic there are wide shoulders on the left and right sides. your ride to decree, in a state 680 still little sluggish. for the ride from walnut creek down towards alamo. >> mark: drying out around the bay area still dealing with landslides. homes in mount you are evacuated because of a landslide. >> reporter: these eye the three mobile homes. this one apparently spend half, that's not from damage from the creek they're breaking
9:05 am
even have to move it. this is owned by the village mobile home park, they're going to move that several rows down. they've actually a lot of a place to put it. they're moving it out of the way of harm. that is this, they're going to move it down to stevens creek because of the rain and flooding, it is only getting worse. all three buildings have to be moved. the other two are privately owned some may take low while longer. eventually, they will have to shore up the slope, make sure that it will not continue to worsen. there are other buildings around here that could be in danger. coming back here, you can see the dreaded red take a trip of three of these buildings. people of party moved out the one who is renting the one we showed you will be able to move back in once it gets moved.
9:06 am
these other two, there's still in limbo. it is all part of living in a creek drainage area. >> mark: thank you, darya? >> darya: city councils will be a special meeting to talk about declaring a state of emergency because of a landslide there. the future six homes, is still up in the air a week after the landslide. as you can see here is it just tore with the back heard the people. all the houses, have a playground down the hill. officials say the repair is estimated at $5 million, the city doesn't have that money so they are reaching out to state and federal for assistance. a special fund is set of mechanics bank if you'd like to help a good >> mark: a young child found wandering alone in the parking lot of wal-mart, officers called out to the wal-mart around 3:00 a.m.
9:07 am
when they found the top a two year-old boy, he was alone. officers searched the area that could not locate the parents. they kept the child safe until the mother called 911 around 6:00 a.m. just a short while ago we spoke with the police about how the boy gutted of the house. >> the check out the mother called, she lived in the complex, she had recently lived in that apartment. although their deadbolts he got his hand open and the child get out. >> mark: he is safe, he has been reunited. >> darya: the child had to cross a large street to walk all the way to that wal- mart. it was still a juror, if kron4 is live to show us the path of the 12 minute
9:08 am
taken. >> reporter: that's just what his path that he took at 3:00 a.m.. this is a busy driveway, it can beat egg very busy area. as say market street at 7 our adm it is a very busy area. he had no shoes on, only his diaper and a t-shirt. he comes up, sir to women using a crossroad. those drivers at that time have little drivers. some drivers saw this kid and at least for the out of the way. partially the child made his way across the street safely. i did talk to the area. they concerned that
9:09 am
the police department it was 88 compliant. not just that but according to the loss of four apartment communities are 88 they will see if there's any changes that need to be made. >> darya: 1 its 88 everything is a lawyer syrup to europe can reach the handle and making easier to sell out. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:10 am
9:11 am
9:12 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. starting to clear up to, it will be a warm day and on the creek, record highs expected today. santa rosa 85, in the east san rafael. even san francisco and oakland. similar temperatures if not occurred to greet creek to warmer.
9:13 am
>> darya: fewer people apply for unemployment last week a sign that layoffs are dropping. the labor department says new claims that by 6000. this marks the second decline in three weeks. >> mark: prosecutors down to the next three last three witnesses. the government expects to call an anti doping expert, barnes is from a personal shopper. yesterday the ballplayer testified they might craig anderson in 2001 saying he also bought human growth hormones. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments.
9:14 am
9:15 am
9:16 am
>> darya: opening day for the giants and the fans, great weather. you'll have to watch it on tv. they're going to be plain that directors in l.a.. but
9:17 am
that's ok. jackie sissel, live in san francisco taking a look at the thinking to the fans. you got it right this time. the world champion giants. >> reporter:, i'm at the corner, this is where it all went down for months ago. it is hard to believe it was four months ago that the giants won. today they start in earnest, at 23 p to healthfully for giants fans. 500 mi. of the affair at. they will take on the l.a. badgers. you can watch it was our year giants brothers did you want to a nonprofit group will hold a hearing party. food, drinks, all kinds of things. the weather, that's gotta be pushing 70. even hotter. today with a been a perfect day for giants fans to come down the park. the good news
9:18 am
is the game doesn't start delphi. >> darya: absolutely. we tried to get the home owner here, police said no. just in case for people who don't plan, to want to come down can you just go up to the door and buy a ticket? >> reporter: good question, i was on a website, the guardsmen are actually doing it, i'm gonna try and get them to link it up to the kron web site. the tickets from mine. everything from $35-$100. >> darya: thank you, it does look nice out. he has to stand in the rain, but he also gets to stand in the sunshine. >> mark: it got hot too fast. summer came too fast. we're seeing temperatures pushing the '60s around the bay, headed for the east. a
9:19 am
beautiful blues get there this morning, and looks to be another record stating date. warm temperatures expected, 80 simmels' locations expecting temperatures and a degree your warmers today. 82 is the record for today setback in 2000. oakland looking for the east today that would break a record. as well as breaking a record and santa rosa. we had a heat wave, hit the '80s. some of those records could fall. 64 downtown, other locations ocean beach, 61, getting some upper 60s around the financial district. 63 livermore, 66 redwood city, noontime widespread '70s.
9:20 am
60s near the coast. high's 3-4:00 p.m. the '80s building and for all the inland locations. eighties in san jose, after 4:00 the winds lineup a little bit of a breeze trent a kid can still in the 70 showing up in yellow. high temperatures around the bay area today, san francisco 83, that could be a record high. 86 napa. of little north east breeze that make cool down a little. eighties and oakland, mid-80s san jose. maybe rain for saturday. hotspot into the golden gate now, here is a look at the traffic. . >> george: thank you, its been since 5:00 we been tracking problems on city streets. this is south bend, a light pole guide
9:21 am
him, struck early in the morning, it has been leaning over the lanes. norris, south of have been shut down. this setback that reaches all the way into marin county, across the golden gate bridge and on to the grave. northbound is backed up till bullboat. it could be slow from cross server drive. on highway one, this is to this city in fewer northbound you want to use sunset or 20 fast. 25th would be your best bet and then just run the bridge. big delays in the southbound direction, and new estimated time of opening the lanes in 35 minutes. it seems it's only been in the last 2025 minutes that crews have, did. a lot of people have been standing around and pointed up until now. bridge
9:22 am
check, we're here now, cemetery bridge, traffic looks good in the westbound direction. problem free all morning long, bay bridge westbound ride the bus ride of the week so far. there has been light traffic here all morning long. leading to the bridge, albany, interstate 80, you can see it is light traffic here. it had been final last two days. >> darya: thank you, new details of libya, the u.s. is merely the fight against khaddafi. --no longer your leading. nato will also enforce the arms embargo. and protect civilians from attacks by gaddafi's military. the wide as is still debating whether not the armed rebels are battling the proa gaddafi
9:23 am
troops. you are looking at the gates, u.s. officials covered malices ca operatives were on the ground and how to rescue a fighter pilot whose jet crashed on march 21st. robert gate slammed the brakes on any brought u.s. participation in libya, a sketch jet alerts the limited role to the american military going forward. defending president obama is handling of libya. >> he's the eighth president to have worked for, seven operated under. i would say, his clients in terms of consultation and notification has been consistent with their actions taken by all of his predecessors republicans and democrats. since the powers act has passed. >> darya: britain's foreign secretary says the resignation of libya's
9:24 am
foreign minister could be a tipping point for gadhafi's regime. they announced yesterday that he had arrived in the country and was resigning from his post. something the libyan government had that night. new information about a bus crash that killed 15 people in the bronx. this is the video of the accident after the bus veered off a record, the ntsb says it does not support the driver's claims and that the bus was clipped by a tractor-trailer. the best received speeding stunned the bill -- the best was speeding. the ntsb is recommending strong growth groups for buses, better oversight for drivers, a better emergency exit. the bus driver had a criminal record including manslaughter and driving with a suspended license. we will be back with more of a couple of minutes, it will be another hot one around the bay, james lick, traffic is light, plenty of sunshine.
9:25 am
9:26 am
9:27 am
9:28 am
>> mark: all lies on whether warming up today with highs in the '80s, '70s that the beaches. cooling down a bit more but still a nice day. saturday, sunday we cool down a lot more. and chance of showers saturday afternoon. no big storms on the horizon.
9:29 am
9:30 am
>> mark: welcome back to kron 4 morning news beautiful views around the bay. looking down the coast to the south, walnut creek and the top and in the bottom right san francisco. >> louisa: you see the pictures here, we will show you the numbers up in to the '80s. 83 in
9:31 am
san francisco today. 82 in san francisco. 85 in san rosa today we could set records again today. here are your current temperatures. 65 concord 66 redwood city, 63 fairfield as well. as we take it through the morning we warming up, more '70s and to the mix by 10:00 a.m., then towards noon time widespread '70s expected. your afternoon highs topping out into the '80s. the orange shows us where we could potentially get to orange which is the case today. cooling it back down by 7:00 p.m. we will warming up in to the mid '80s in places like santa rosa, napa, concord, 81
9:32 am
for vallejo, 83 in san rafael. temperatures in the east bay topping out low to mid '80s. 7 day around the bay, big changes in the past seven daynext seveng cool down saturday and a chance of rain. your weekend will be colder, windier, and water. the sun comes out on monday. >> george: as we continue to attract hot spot on your ride on 101 in the southbound. >> darya: you're talking about the park presidio problem and how its backing up up bin to iran.into marin. i know it has n
9:33 am
slow making it into the city. any progress there? not yet. no progress in your mike either. >> mark: a power pole was leaning over, george any help dealing with the powerful? >> george: it is still thing going. the issue has whose jurisdiction was the pull. that's why it has taken so long to deal with this. crews have been out here since 5:00 a.m. slow traffic persists. crews from the public works, they plan on having roadway reopen as early as 10:00 a.m. 30 minutes from now. the back up here reaching through to doyle drive on to golden gate bridge. from
9:34 am
here let's take you to the bridges, the bridge and the bay bridge hardly any back up no problems for your commute. san mateo bridge absolutely fine. interstate 80 through know i guess i will show you that right. finishing with the commute here at the bay bridge condition still look good towards the upper deck. >> darya: 9:34 a.m. a toddler two years old was found wandering alone in the parking lot of all wal-mart in pleasanton early this morning carrie. police were called at 30 a.m. and this boy was found air alone in his t-shirt and diaper. they could not locate his parents, they kept him safe and then they got a call a few hours
9:35 am
later at 6:00 a.m. on mom calls and says her voice was missing. all while ago we talked live with the pleasanton police about it. >> we went over inspected the home. interviewed the mother to make sure there's no potential for criminal contact your we found there was not. the mother moved into an apartment that is 88 complianada compliant. it iss for folks in a wheelchair. when the door knob turned it automatically releases the dead ball so was easy for the child to get out. >> darya: police were holding the child in talking to the parents. >> mark: incredible patrols found ok will tran is live or he
9:36 am
was, he was covering the latest with the path the the little boy took across a busy road. >> will: i'm showing you all wind drives, in one direction there is five lanes. he had to cross 10 lines of road and it's as busy as market street on certain occasions. the speed limit is 45 mi. per hour. fortunately it was very light traffic if any at all when he crossed the street into the wal- mart which is right in front of me. fortunately somebody spotted him and he needed a cross safely. to give you the lay of land he lives in the complex here. we don't know which are meant for him to walk across the street is incredible. i talked to the police office all of
9:37 am
parliament buildings here are compliant. i want to know if there's going to be any changes that wil. >> mark: we will be back as a morning news continues.
9:38 am
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to try lifelock risk free for a full 60 days. use promo code: norisk. plus get this document shredder, free! but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> mark: president barack obama planning another visit to the bay area he will be here april 20th at four jobs and economic event and a fund-raiser. he will be here for his reelection campaign. he will be lost angeles, and silicon valley. he is expected to formally announce his candidacy in chicago. the death toll in japan topping 11,000, there are still more than 16,000 missing. it is looking at a report about high levels of radiation in a village
9:41 am
25 mi. from the crippled nuclear power plant. right now the evacuation is only 12 mi.. they say it does not pose an immediate danger. with the current recommendation evacuation's. low levels of radiation turning up bin california milk. the u.s. environmental protection agency is increasing its nationwide monitoring of radiation as two states reported very low levels of radiation in milk. results from screening samples of milk taken in the past week in spokane, washington, and in san luis obispo county, california, detected radioactive iodine at a level 5,000 times lower than the limit set by the u.s. food and drug administration. when radioactive material is spread through the atmosphere, it drops to the ground and gets in the environment. when cows consume grass, hay, feed, and water, radioactivity will be processed and become part of the milk we drink. however, the amounts are so small they pose no threat to public health. >> darya: utility commission is launching the second half of their seismic upgrade of the water system. it will replace 19 mi. of pipeline. the
9:42 am
improvements are designed to insure no major interruption of water service in the event of a major quake. 9:41 a.m. more on this the opening day of baseball with the world champion giants taking on the dodgers in l.a.. but that at&t parker's fun happening there for fans as l.a.. but that at&t parker's fun hthis is your captain speaking, we are fourteenth in line for takeoff. looks like it's bumper to bumper on the interstate. i gotta get to cleveland! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. details at
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9:45 am
>> mark: mega million winners have come forward. that check presentation this morning. 790 workers from new york in albany. they are splitting $319 million. after taxes they take home about 19 million. take a listen to a winner. >> i was home watching
9:46 am
television with my boyfriend. we're watching the news. when the numbers came of i wrote them down, i looked at my photocopy, check the ticket, reject it, reject it, reject it. i couldn't believe it was real. i had the ticket with me at the time, but then i had to get it out of the recycle bin because i thought it was the night before we didn't win. >> you have this copy of the ticket what did you do next? >> i called my friend john first to ensure the news with him. and i called my mother. i was excited, she asked to i could call if i had any of these people's numbers. i said i'll have my boss is no. but i didn't want a light truck. (laughter) >> my mom's the that you have to call her because it's the mega million. she didn't answer but i
9:47 am
left a message saying i hope you are in the pool. we won. >> mark: there was an eight person that didn't go wind because he felt he wasn't going feeling lucky that day. a >> darya: remember that that has happened before. >> mark: maybe they won because he wasn't the it. >> louisa: my advice whenever you have in the plan are replacing for the beach. that's where the place is to be today. we could set more records today with the warm temperatures. by tomorrow political down here staying dry until saturday. even when the as well. enjoy the warm weather while it lasts. current
9:48 am
temperature 64 already in san francisco, happen bay, down in the south bay we are into the upper 60s close to that 70 degree mark. through the rest of the morning looks like we will stay into the '60s and '70s. then we will warming up widespread '70s by noontime. the orange indicates a beast. we will see 80s across the board today another pleasant day. getting up bin to the mid '80s of places like santa rosa, napa, 82 fairfield, '80s through san rafael and san francisco. 85 in hayward, in the south bay mid-80s as well. 73 for half moon bay. 7 day around the bay shows you what's happening is tomorrow we will lose a few degrees in the '70s. by the
9:49 am
weekend, a big cool down. down in to the '60s we could see showers and a wind is picking up as well. and so is the surf. waves up to 20 ft.. by the end of the weekend we will dryout bringing sunshine by next week. we have all look at your ski report. 200 in. about five lifts open 35 runs. kirkwood bay step 228 in., 11 lifts open, 72 runs, conditions at squaw valley a steps to under 50 in., 20 lifts, 165 runs. >> george: as we track this hotspot 101 and highway one southbound. a power pole was
9:50 am
damaged in an early morning accident southbound on park presidio drive. they have lanes shut down but they may open soon. it backed up traffic for the macarthur tunnel onto the oil drive and the golden gate bridge. ultimately into marin county. we will track the bay bridge as we get a bridge check first to the toll plaza, we have had no back up to speak of. the easiest commute of the week. the san mateo bridge also continues to be a good ride. the commute is over here with no problems on 92 in the westbound direction. a special treat in the studio is sergeant cross. thank you for stopping and we will talk about tomorrow is the beginning of, distracted driver if awareness month. if cell
9:51 am
phones and what else? >> for us we will focus on people who are driving while talking on the cellphone because there is way too many crashes involving distracted driving. >> george: are you going to be the only agency in forcing it? >> this is a nationwide campaign. law enforcement all throughout the country. you will see 275 law enforcement agencies throughout the state as well as more than 100 chp officers. we will focus on raising awareness as well as enforcement. >> george: does anyone getting that ticket for this ic people with cell phones. some of us don't onus off of but i do see people with cell phones in their ears well they drive are they getting sighted? >> people, and say i see people talking on the phone wires chp.
9:52 am
statistics speak for themselves we averaged 10,000 citations every month through the state for people driving in talking on the cellphone. we are or to make the stop and take appropriate action because there are too many people violating this law. >> george: so hang up and drive. it starts tomorrow, it will be extra enforced. >> darya: 9:52 a.m. giants pitcher will still be able to play but he was hospitalized after a traffic accident in los angeles. they arrive for the game tonight. he was not seriously hurt, he was taken to hospital, the car was in bad shape and the firemen did help him get out of the car. he owns a home in the hollywood hills. and it was right by there. he
9:53 am
wasn't at fault in the accident he is still on the roster for tonight. >> mark: meantime the opening day is today down in l.a. the giants start defending their title in l.a. against the dodgers. a live look at at&t part they will show the game on the jumbo kron there. bill made the 25 man roster and he would be starting at first base pushing off too out field. kron 4 is helping you get ready for the baseball season. we are read bearing baseball by the bay special with gary with the preseason preview. sunday april 10th on kron 4 at 10:00 p.m. >> darya: taking a look at san
9:54 am
francisco, blue skies and we are looking at another gorgeous day around the bay. [ male announcer ] if you're ready for more from your tv service,
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9:57 am
>> mark: look at this video they are dealing with severe weather yes tray and today. flipping over this plane parked at the airport. rain drenched the airport all morning long. strong thunderstorms and again today. >> darya: nasa crews will have left float survey on the discovery today. the day after high winds and hail battered the launch pad. it is set to of launched april 15th it will be the last flight before retiring. >> mark: a quick break. big story we are following bay area out whether
9:58 am
9:59 am
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>> reporter: welcome to the final hours of the kron 4 morning news. the warm weather is top story. double shots from our roof camera on van ness avenue, also mount tam. more on the weather in just a bit. at developing story child was found wandering around in the parking lot of wal-mart in pleasanton this morning. police were called there at 3:00 a.m. after this to year-old boy was found alone. officers searched the area but cannot find the child appearance. the mother called 911 around 6:00 a.m. and just a little while ago we talked to the pleas about what happened. >> was out with care we went
10:01 am
over there and inspected the home, interviewed the mother to make sure there was no potential for child in danger and issues we found there was not. the mother has recently moved into an apartment that is ada compliant. her parliament has locking mechanism so it is easy access for people in a wheelchair. the doorknob is low, when it is turned it automatically releases the deadbolt. it was easy for the tron to get out. >> reporter: for the trout to walk to wal-mart he had to cross the busy street. will tran is a live be a skvia skype. >> will: five lanes, you can see
10:02 am
the cars coming in my direction here. that is one half of that journey. the other side is 3-4 lanes. it was very early in the morning that the boy crossed. perhaps nobody saw him or perhaps people on their road saw him and swerved. fortunately it and did well. wal-mart is right in front of me. at 3:00 a.m. the speeds here were probably about 60 mi. an hour. the security guard cap the boy, the apartment said they have no comment. i asked if they would change the locks in the future so this will happen and there communication person said all get back to you. >> reporter: thank you will.
10:03 am
>> louisa: get ready for another gorgeous day temperature skyrocketing into the '80s. sunshine and blue skies, we could set more records. the records from yesterday's 85 in san rosa, san rafael 82, now but 86, san francisco 82, oakland 83. we could set planning more records today. in fact our hives are going to work their way up bin to the '80s. we could warm up to 83 in san francisco, not at 86, the same for san jose, 85 in san rosa. right now current temperatures are only in the
10:04 am
10:00 a.m. our we are already 70 degrees in hayward, livermore, bellevue, 72 in los gatos, 64 half moon bay and san francisco. your highs in the mid-80s in napa, san rosa, 81 in vallejo, beach weather along the coast 73 for have been made.half moon ban jose. 78 around the bay shows some changes7 day around the bae changes, a shift in the wind the winds will pick up in the afternoon saturday into the evening hours. temperatures dropping into the '60s, we could get some high service well over the weekend. by next week we dry
10:05 am
yet, and bring out the sun shine once again. >> erica: the weather is warming up, the traffic is cooling down finally some progress on our hot spot in san francisco. park presidio now reopened after problems with the light pole out there we had been following since 5:30 a.m. all but the left lane currently back open. we are dealing with that heavy back up creeping its way past the golden gate bridge towards the walled old tunnel. if you're headed toward some francisco expect major delays. this is the only real hot spot this morning. all live look at the bay bridge toll plaza. immodest back up in the cash lanes for your westbound ride. we are not tracking too much slowing from any three approaches. wrapping it up with this sathis san mateo bridge
10:06 am
easy conditions towards foster city. >> reporter: 3 mobile homes in mountain view have been evacuated because of landslides. we are live in el camino with the details. >> craig: i'm at the mobile home park. three homes here, the one in the middle over here is going to be moved today by the mobile home park. they all net, it will be moveall that. it will be movt of harm's way. this is along stevens creek, since the weekend with the flooding and rains, this low has started to give way. they are all red tag.
10:07 am
unfortunately for those who live on either side those are presidentially own. so it is up to them to move their homes anywhere they can move them. they can be let out of their lease according to management. also fixing the slope will be a big problem and it is not clear who is responsible for fixing it. it depends on who determines who owns that slow. they want to move this home out of the way today, the other two whenever the owners are it will to do so. that is the situation here. >> reporter: thank you for that report. san pablo city council will hold a meeting at noon today to discuss that declaration of local state of emergency all because of a landslide. six homes on wayman street in san pablo is still up in the air. nearly a week after the landslide destroyed the
10:08 am
backyard of almost all of the houses. the repair to the slide is estimated at $5 million which is way beyond what san pablo can afford. the city is reaching out for state and federal funding. coming up baseball fans get excited the defending world series champions take the field tonight. we will tell you about how you can check it out without having to go to las angeles. you can do it at at&t park. here's a live look concern francisco traffic is moving nicely. it will be warm day and everything is looking good.
10:09 am
10:10 am
10:11 am
>> reporter: the giants will see great whether for the viewing party at at&t park. that's where we find jackie. are you sticking
10:12 am
yourself out a spot for the big game? >> reporter: i think all stake out a spot on my couch and watch it that way. it is the world champion giants. i know you're new to the town. so will give you a pass for this time. they will take on the dodgers, if you want to hang out with the their giant fans, at&t park will be open. they will show it on the big screen, food and drinks here. if you can't go to a game without hanging out with other folks that were black and orange you can do it at&t park tonight. today would be perfect for opening day. mid-70s down here right now, and usually warm. not a cloudless sky. it would of been a perfect day for opening day. unfortunately will happen. >> reporter: do they know how
10:13 am
many people will come? >> reporter: i don't know how many tickets are calling to be given away. if you go to our web site you can go to the nonprofit organization that is selling these tickets. i still think that has some last time i checked. >> reporter: gray we will direct people to our web sites to go see the world champion
10:14 am
10:15 am
10:16 am
>> reporter: more record- breaking temperatures today. we are tracking the forecast. >> louisa: if you like some are like temperatures, all the sunshine, a clear blue skies you like today. we are warming up quickly. temperatures skyrocketing we could set records. temperatures will be slightly warmer than yesterday.
10:17 am
changes in store by the weekend. you may want make the most of today's weather. '70s through hayward, a mountain view, los gatos, 73 in through the livermore valley, '60s through the peninsula. 64 up in this san rosa, 65 napa. by noon time we will warming up into the '70s, towards 3:00 p.m. '80s come in. most locations expected to top it out in the '80s. by 7:00 p.m. mixture '60s and '70s. some of those numbers for you we will warming up into the mid-80s in many locations. novato, richmond, and into san rafael. 824 fairfield, temperatures low to mid 80's through the east bay. 86 in san us say,
10:18 am
mountainview and along the coast will be pleasant as well 73. there will be quite a few people headed to the beach today. 7 day around the bay tomorrow we will cool it off pleasant conditions still low. the weekend we will have a big dent in temperatures by saturday cooling-off into the '60s in some locations. when the into the evening hours, with a slight chance of rain for your saturday. not a washout or any big store. we dry it out more mouth next week. >> erica: we are both full of good news. no hot spots of on 1 01 has picked up nicely tracking top speeds after earlier problems this morning. off to a bridge check we go westbound 80 looks good just a bit of a back up in some of those cash lanes for the west bound ride. metering lights have been cycled off only a $4 ride into the
10:19 am
city. for those of you headed down to this in detail bridge tracking great conditions there as well. problem free throw the morning and it has been quiet seeing less traffic the we have most days. not tracking any problems getting to the bridge along the nimitz freeway either direction of 1 01. over to the creek we go 680 the ride into and out of walnut creek in good shape. we did have a hot spot in the 80 am our but not anymorea t anymore. no problems westbound 24. also good day to take public transit. ace train had the only problem due to signal problems but everything else is on
10:20 am
schedule. >> reporter: recapping top story. this trial was found wandering alone in pleasanton early of this morning. there were called to wal-mart about 3:00 a.m. after the to year-old boy was found alone and with no shoes. officers searched the surrounding area not finding the parents. they kept the child safe until the mother called 911 about 6:00 a.m. to report her child was missing. police believe the boy wawas able to on lot the door and walked out. he has been reunited with his parents. of japan the company says radioactive contamination in ground water underneath the reactor has been measured at 10,000 times the government health standard. the company that doesn't believe any drinking water supply has been affected. that's good news.
10:21 am
contaminated watewater has alrey leaked into the ocean. united in airlines are reducing flights between united states and japan because of a drop in demand. the airlines will drop by a few flights a week between four u.s. cities and tokyo. this will delay plans to add a second daily flight between san francisco and tokyo. new developments out of libya now, the u.s. is no longer leading the fight against gadhafi's forces. nato has taken over all air operations. in addition to enforcing the no-fly zone over the country nato also force the arms embargo on libya. meantime the white house is still debating on whether not to arm rebels battling the troops and libya. what your looking at here
10:22 am
is a video taken out of libya. cia operatives on the ground are there and they have rescued a u.s. fighter pilot whose jet crashed march 21st. robert gates slammed brakes on broad participation and libya. he sketched out a limited role for military going forward. he defended president barack obama is handling of the situation. >> president barack obama is the eighth president i have worked for. seven operated under the war powers act. his compliance has been consistent. with the actions taken by all of his predecessors park republicans and democrats since the war powers act was passed. >> reporter: britain's foreign
10:23 am
secretary says the resignation of libya's foreign minister could be a tipping point. he had arrived in the country and was resigning from his post, this is something the libyan government has denied. coming up on kron 4 morning news we have all thought about what we would do if we won the lottery. now the winners have all come forward. we will tell you their story after the break.
10:24 am
10:25 am
10:26 am
>> reporter: it could be a dream come true. a group of workers one the biggest meg mallon jackpots. >> reporter: before coming forward to claim the prize word was out. the winning ticket was sold in new york. >> the one lot of money. and that's neat. >> reporter: thursday morning
10:27 am
the winners came forward. co- workers who periodically pave the lottery. >> every time at jackpot gets about 100 million we go to our co-workers and ask if they want to get in. we all through wind $2 each draw, somebody takes the ticket down to the newsroom, and buys a ticket. whenever one before. >> reporter: the group bought the ticket at a convenience store near their office. gabrielle was the first to realize they won. >> i was watching television with my boyfriend, a checked the ticket, i reject iread checked i couldn't believe it was real. >> i was at my sister's house and she said yourself phone was ringing and i thought that means a server broke. i looked at the
10:28 am
of voice mail and i thought he monitors are service. >> reporter: after realizing they one they got the ticket from the office this-it in a safe place. >> i put it in my basement, i didn't know what to do with it. >> reporter: as for the albany seven each one receive 19 million. >> reporter: that is a dream come true. coming up we want update you on the story about the to year-old boy that was found wandering in the wal-mart parking lot earlier this morning. ♪ have a good daisy
10:29 am
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10:31 am
found this boy it alone. they searched the area but could not locate the parents so they kept him safe until his mother ended up calling 911 around 6:00 a.m. just a little while ago we talked with pleasanton police about how this boy ended up in the parking lot. >> we spoke with carol, we inspected the home and interviewed the mother to make sure there was no child endangerment issues. we found there was not. the mother moved into an apartment that is ada compliant. her apartment has a locking mechanism so it is easy access for folks in a wheelchair. the door knob is low, when it turns it releases the deadbolt. it was easy for the child to get out. >> reporter: had the boy been any later in the morning things
10:32 am
could have gotten bad. it is good the child has been reunited with the parents. will tran shows us the busy street could have been it did dangerous situation. >> will: little boy lives at this apartment complex. in front of me is rosewood drive, from him to go from here to wal-mart he probably went this direction. fortunately it was early in the morning, not a lot of cars on the road. still very scary in front of me i show you all in stride. it is five lanes in one direction and three in the other. there are crosswalks in all four corners to make sure the adults are safe as they tried to cross this major sore frere. in front of me is wal-
10:33 am
mart, he made it all the way to wal-mart safe and sound it could have been or sorry could of not and did so well because it is a big if your ferret is also very fast one. speed limit is 45 mi. an hour. i tried to talk to the apartment the leasing office they give me a phone number. that person told me they had no comment at this time. will tran kron 4 news. >> reporter: the other big story this morning is a big warmup heading the bay area. >> louisa: i'm going to the beach after work. it's a great place to go especially when you work mornings. a look at
10:34 am
downtown san francisco, blue skies out there san francisco 64, by noontime 79, your highs today 83 in downtown san francisco. 65 by 8:00 p.m. it looks like our temperatures are starting to warm up nicely into the '70s in a handful of places bee. temperatures elsewhere into the '60s closing in on 70. 69 in redwood city, 69 in san jose. we will see widespread '80s for today, even among we cool down by 7:00 p.m. we could be holding on to '70s out there. all warm evening as well. your highs into the 80s today, mid-80s for santa rosa, 81 vallejo, 84 novato and richmond as well. as we head to
10:35 am
the east bay low to mid '80s. we could work our way to the mid '80s. tomorrow will be cooler, we're done with record-breaking temperatures cooling off into the '70s. a slight chance of rain on saturday, windy and we could cool down 20 degrees in some spots. towards monday we dry out and the sun comes out again. >> erica: and no longer tracking hot spots for the ride around the bay area. to and from the golden gate bridge is in good shape after an early morning problem at park presidio where that area was closed. all lanes are reopened traffic is moving freely. for those of you thinking of taking the bay bridge it has been a good ride all morning long. immodest back
10:36 am
up in the cash lanes for your westbound ride. overall no problems whatsoever getting to the bridge from the shore freeway.that east bay shore wayn mateo bridge excellent conditions here. here's a live look from millbrae, traffic is flowing freely in both directions. northbound towards an francisco this is the southbound direction on the other side of your screen. accident and incident free for the most part. top speeds at or about 15 mi. an hour. >> reporter: we are enjoying good weather today but feeling of fallout from last week's bad weather as three mohel homes
10:37 am
have been evacuated because of a landslide. >> craig: these three mobile homes are red tag. people were forced out, the park owns this one and the metal. that's why it is being split in half, it will be moved today. the other two are owned by residents left on the road to pay to move it. rescuing them from this. heavy rains on the curving the cliffside causing it to partially collapsed. they say they are negotiating with the water district about who's responsible for repairing the spirit getting out of the way is a priority right now. >> reporter: we have major developments out of barry bonds perjury trial. prosecutors called his orthopedic surgeon to the witness stand. they may have wished they had not on that. he
10:38 am
contradicted testimony about speaking about his performance as enhancing drugs with anyone. he also denied saying that that obol injury was caused by steer reduced. we will be right back.
10:39 am
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10:42 am
businesses to pass along rising costs. but it's not demand, 82 percent of small businesses say they simply are passing on their higher costs. here's one example from a big company. hershey says it's rising prices by 10%, a surging cost in raw goods like sugar and cocoa has taken a bite out of profits. it will be up to stores to german if they will pass oto decide ifn prices. while companies like wal-mart are able to deal with normal price fluctuation but the surge in costs could spell trouble. the question is how long and how much? >> reporter: an update on our top stories including the warm
10:43 am
weather when we come back. [ male announcer ] for 5 bucks, you can get a sub.
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>> reporter: top stories, this child was found wandering alone in pleasanton this morning. officers were called around 3:00 a.m. after the to your boy was found alone. police kept the child safe until the mother called 911 to report her child was missing. they believe the boy it was an ablable to lock hs
10:48 am
door. major developments out of the barry bonds perjury trial. they just called assurgent the stand. he contradicted the testimony of a witness steve hoskins. he denied speaking about bonds and performance enhancing drugs. he also denies saying his elbow injury was caused by steroid use. he gave steroids to ease swelling after surgery. stay with us with the very latest on the perjury trial. we have our reporter in the court room posting up to the minute tweets. >> louisa: your last checked out whether at 1040a a.m. we are
10:49 am
watching temperatures rise quickly. expect eighties. could set records in oakland, 82, not 86, santa rosa 86, 85 in through san rosa. across the board we will see warmer temperatures. through places like fremont, down in to mountain view, los gatos 70. working their way into the '70s in redwood city, closing in on it in san francisco. 68 at the beach along half moon bay. most locations in the '70s, by about 3:00 p.m. watch all of the orange. it shows us '80s, summerlike weather certainly potential for what records. we could hold on
10:50 am
to some '70s even by the 7:00 p.m. hour. eighties in novato, richmond, concord, san francisco. we will stay in the '80s for the east bay in the south bay as well. mountain view 86 and san jose. along the coast 73. seven days we have some changes, today will be the warmest day. cooling off by tomorrow a few degrees. by saturday a big drop in temperature. windy and we could see that surf pick up as well. we have a look at the ski report. here is all look 275, 300 and just from 35 runs, kirkwood base depth of 228, 11 lifts open and
10:51 am
72 runs. squaw valley a steps to 250 in., 165 runs. >> erica: we don't have hot spot so get out and enjoy the day. you can see if you cars making their way to the toll plaza westbound and san francisco. traffic flows freely not tracking in the hot spots. traffic has died down in the westbound direction and no delays along the nimitz freeway for highway 1 01. one last look at conditions in the south bay no hot spots. you can see the
10:52 am
right has cleared up, camera shaking around and it is a bit windy. traffic flows freely giving you a drive time of 15 minutes. >> reporter: the weather has been really nice here, taking a nice to tampa florida. large portions are under tornado warnings and watches today. rain is battering the st. petersburg area. the storm took down power lines, causing traffic delays in tampa and also in orlando. it's not even a hurricane season yet. in san francisco there are allegations of misconduct against police officers. yesterday judge in san francisco threw the case after surveillance video showed officers mishandling the search and arrest of a man police claim
10:53 am
he made a felony sale of marijuana. they show three officers allegedly without badges. the police report said they had stars exposed on the outer clothing. the officers did have permission to search the apartment. public defender to but denies the spirit >> it says they went inside his unit for approximately 30 seconds, they returned to the hallway and said okay, can you come in now. clearly that is not true. the officers were not aware of this videotape until, they were confronted with it in court. then when they were confronted with it in court their demeanor, testimony, clearly change. >> reporter: with the other videotapes servicing in a few
10:54 am
weeks they have had to dismiss 76 cases. there is an ongoing fbi investigation. we
10:55 am
10:56 am
10:57 am
>> reporter: a quick look at your 7 day around bay. are highs today predicted that 86 degrees. also friday, we cool down for the weekend and it could be windy, back into '70s next week. are a reminder in case you have forgotten, the world series defending giants have thing to defend their title today. they are playing doctors in los angeles. jam will take the mound,--tim--can go to at&t park to watch it there is a link on our web site if you want to
10:58 am
check out more from asian and get tickets. that will do for us see you tomorrow.
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